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Nominal Diameter   300/12(mm/inch)
Rated Impedance   8 ohm
Peak Power Capacity   800 Watt
Power Capacity   200 Watt
Sensitivity   94 dB
Frequency Range   30-2500 Hz
Minimum Impedance   6 ohm
Voice Coil Diameter   65/2.5(mm/inch)
Voice Coil Material   Copper
Voice Coil Winding Depth   16 mm
Number of Layers   4
Kind of Layer   Outside
Top Plate Thickness   8 mm
Cone Material   Half pressed pulp
Resonance Frequency FS   30 Hz
DC Resistance Re   5.6 ohm
Mechanical facto Qms   4.30
Electrical Factor Qes   0.23
Total Factor Qts   0.22
BL Factor BL   18.6T.m
Effective Moving Mass Mms   73.6 gr
Equivalent Cas Air Load Vas   30.8 liters
Effettive Piston Area Sd   0.053 m2
Max. Linear Excursion(mathematical) Smax   ±4 mm
Voice-C Coil Inductance@1KHz Le   1.6 mH
Overall Diameter:   310 mm
Bolt Circle Diameter:   294 mm
Baffe Cutout Diameter:   278 mm
Depth   135 mm
Net Weight:   4.7 Kg
Shipping Weight:   5.1 Kg
Shipping Box:   270x270x145mm

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